All hammocks are FULLY warrantied


1. All hammocks are FULLY warrantied for life (shipping and handling charges may apply.)

2. Inform us by email if there is any missing, damaged, or defective products.

3. Warranty does not cover any incidental damage.

4. Void, where limited or prohibited by law.

5. We reserve the right to alter the warranty at any time.

Warranty Support:

Be aware of the deadbeat Eric Rhodes Hamilton from at 8578702 CANADA INC.

Be aware of the deadbeat Eric Rhodes Hamilton from at 8578702 CANADA INC.

this “friend’s” info:

TRUTH: from very beginning, LivingSocial doesn’t allow drop-shipping from China. but Eric risks it and asks us to dropship. We ship always immediately after he sent me the orders.

The drone has inbuilt battery, we can ship it only by Malaysia Post. It takes 2-3 days to show tracking info because it’s not a carrier in China, it can’t show tracking until the parcel leaves Shenzhen, China and reaches Malaysia Post office.

Malaysia Post provides parcel notice tracking by the next day or two, but normal in-transit tracking officially after 3-4 days of order processing, its expected delivery days range from 2 up to 4 weeks. No guarantee for delivery within 2 weeks.

LS does not count online parcel notice tracking but normal in-transit tracking as official valid tracking. It means, that obviously goes against LS rules, as LS stipulates the normal in-transit tracking rather than online tracking notice within 24 hours and delivery within 2 WEEKS.  Eric is fully aware of it, but he accepts the shipping. As a result, Livingsocial noticed it and started to make penalties.  The main reason for penalties are: LS does not count/buy online parcel notice tracking but normal in-transit tracking as official valid tracking. The problems are not late delivery, but late in transit tracking update.

 Eric takes the shipping times delays as an excuse for non payment of 386 drones at the amount of $27,000, because LS didn’t pay him.

As we trust Eric, we asked if he has warehouse in USA or seek partners in USA, we can ship in bulk to  him or his partners, then no worries at all. However, he said it can’t be done due to costs.

pls note, he and his staff, Anna admit, this is not the only case with me, he has many Chinese suppliers, suffering from the same non-payment issues, as he said, I am lucky to get some payment, others got nothing.

We do everything Eric demands. It is not our responsibility, the point is we trust Eric hamilton’s ability to handle it, but the fact is he can’t but turn it against us, he is not paying!!!

 If he doesn’t risk asking us to dropship, we shall not do it, and cause us into this trouble! 

More importantly, Eric doesnot take any responsibility or pay or make empty promise to pay.

Skype Messages below:

eric hamilton67 eric hamilton26


Skype Messages below:

[2015/3/3 Tuesday 10:55:06] Benz DENG: btw, you said we can drop ship from China, but it may take 2-4 weeks to arrive, acceptable?

[2015/3/3 Tuesday 10:55:13] Benz DENG: sure

[2015/3/3 Tuesday 10:55:36] Eric Hamilton yes, dropship from China- But will need to arrive in 2 weeks. 3 max.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:42:47] Eric Hamilton Ok, thanks. I can only make payments once I receive the money from the deal site. Depends on the site for the terms of the payment, but I will provide the payment to you the same day I recieve it.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:43:02] Eric Hamilton If you want me to sell something less expensive, I can do that.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:43:21] Benz DENG: we are too risking. can you often something that help us to trust you?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:43:26] Benz DENG: offer

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:44:36] Eric Hamilton Not sure what I can offer. I have been doing this for a couple of years. I am planning on it for a lot of sales, not just 1 item. It doesn’t do me any good to only sell 1 item… I want to devleop a long time partnership.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:45:16] Benz DENG: you said you are a owner of the can you offer some registration credentials?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:45:39] Benz DENG: we are talking business, it must be serious, both of us.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:54:33] Eric Hamilton IS this the same one

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:54:48] Benz DENG: yes

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:55:12] Benz DENG: ours is the upgraded version

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:55:29] Eric Hamilton what is upgraded? Can you send me images?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:56:01] Benz DENG:®-Upgraded-Version-Explorers-Children/dp/B00S0F2HUI/ref=sr_1_6?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1425405414&sr=1-6&keywords=Syma+X5C-1

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:56:03] Benz DENG: this one

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:56:13] Benz DENG: $84.99

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:56:14] Eric Hamilton Is it possible to have a lower price? LS won’t like it if it is that much more expensive than it can be bought on Amaon

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:57:17] Benz DENG: it can be $73

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:57:34] Benz DENG: this item has inbuilt battery, its shipping fees are higher

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:57:55] Eric Hamilton Ok. And how many do you have available?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:58:04] Benz DENG: thousands, no problem

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:58:08] Benz DENG: by default.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:58:28] Benz DENG: but it’s hard to say, as we don’t buy first, we just buy when we got orders.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:58:31] Eric Hamilton Ok. Just need to get images to upload to our site.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:58:34] Benz DENG: the inventory could change.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:58:47] Benz DENG: images of drone?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:59:04] Eric Hamilton If I give you a couple of weeks notice, can you have inventory availble to sell on LS USA?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:59:12] ***  ***

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:59:24] Benz DENG: sending images

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:59:33] Benz DENG: sure.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 1:59:49] Benz DENG: if time is sufficient, no problem. Manufacturere could produce them.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:00:01] Eric Hamilton How much time wouuld you require?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:00:14] Benz DENG: 1-2weeks in advance would be great

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:00:25] Eric Hamilton OK

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:03:16] Eric Hamilton I will pitch to LS today. You are 100% sure you can sell this and ship to the LS US customers without any issues?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:03:55] Benz DENG: and payment terms?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:03:58] Eric Hamilton 2 weeks.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:04:31] Eric Hamilton Will pay 100% 30 days after providing tracking numbers. Will send you lists of customers 3x per week when it is live on LS.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:04:53] Benz DENG: 2 weeks it’s a little bit urgent

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:05:02] Benz DENG: 2-4 weeks will be great

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:05:15] Benz DENG: for some areas, you know.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:05:24] Eric Hamilton Yes, but LS will require 2 weeks is written on the feature. If some are delayed it is ok.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:09:00] Eric Hamilton Ok- Would need better images of it to describe how it works. It is brand new so nobody will be familiar with it.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:09:31] Benz DENG: 8USD/PC

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:13:46] Eric Hamilton I look forward to doing some strong sales together!

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:15:53] Benz DENG: i care about two things, one is sales volume, two is money security.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:16:08] Benz DENG: my friend is that colleague I mentioned before.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 2:16:18] Eric Hamilton I will need some kind of company information now. It is just business, but need to know something about who I am working with.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:53:54] Eric Hamilton phone number is on my email. 613-435-4650.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:54:45] Benz DENG: you dont need to pay tax?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:54:54] Benz DENG: no registration number?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:55:23] Eric Hamilton I pay tax in Canada. I’m not sure what number you are looking for.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:55:38] Benz DENG: also this  is  a eletronic copy, do you have a physical copy?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:56:54] Eric Hamilton Yes, I have a physical copy.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:57:19] Benz DENG: pls scan and send me one

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:57:38] Benz DENG: besides, does this ontario authority have a website for check?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:58:55] Eric Hamilton I really don’t know what it is you are searching for. Why do you need me to send you a scan of the certificate? I don’t know how you want to check my business…. You can google search it if you like. Or you can ask nCrowd or LS or others if I am legit and a good company.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 3:59:58] Benz DENG: pls send if possible.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:00:42] Benz DENG: we are supplier without guarantee

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:00:53] Eric Hamilton I will search for it at my office and send to you.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:00:54] Benz DENG: pls understand.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:01:18] Eric Hamilton Ok. Now you should get some sleep!! I plan to have you very busy with sales, so you will need some rest!

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:01:36] Benz DENG: i wait until now because i respect that you wanted a request. i want to do business with you, but relatively speaking, we are under more risks.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:02:01] Benz DENG: ok. thanks. I’d want some busy sales.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:02:46] Eric Hamilton Yes, but please understand as well that I am at risk too, becuase if you don’t ship the products I get up for sale, then the deal site is mad at me, not you. And then they cancel all my deals, so I need to ensure you will ship the products we are selling.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 4:03:23] Benz DENG: ok. i know what you are talking about timeliness to ship

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 8:39:08] Eric Hamilton This is the newer one

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 8:43:19] Eric Hamilton I do not know. Can never say. Could be very strong sales. We sold 1000+ on nCrowd.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:11:26] Eric Hamilton Hello Benz. (Should I address you as Benz?). Is there any chance you can do $68 for the drone? It would be for LS USA and they could sell a very high volume, but of course no guarantees…

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:12:01] Benz DENG: i checked, 2-4 weeks are most ideal.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:12:24] Benz DENG: $70 pls.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:12:56] Eric Hamilton Ok, will be sold as 2 weeks. We can have a few delayed, but can’t have all arrive at over 2 weeks. Is that ok?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:13:19] Benz DENG: sure. you know, quick delivery it’s possible, but too expensive

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:13:32] Benz DENG: 7-30 days, are acceptable

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:13:39] Benz DENG: timeframe

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:14:10] Eric Hamilton Ok,  but we are going to sell on LS USA,. It is a major site. Can we do 2 week shipping for the majority?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:14:42] Benz DENG: ths shipping company gives me a 7-30 days timeframe. I can’t guarantee

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:15:26] Eric Hamilton Is it days or working days?

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:15:38] Benz DENG: days

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:15:48] Benz DENG: sorry, working days

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:15:57] Eric Hamilton If a lot of complaints, we can be penalized by LS. That is not good for either of us.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:16:20] Benz DENG: i know. i may call the shipping company this afternoon

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:16:45] Eric Hamilton I need to know an accurate shipping time. If you can do it for 2 weeks, for the vast majority. I can get it sold

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:21:28] Benz DENG: ok. no problem. I will keep it in my mind

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:23:35] Eric Hamilton Need to make sure the X5C is different than the X5C – 1. That is how I am qualifying the added cost to LS.

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:23:57] Benz DENG: the look is different

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:35:59] Eric Hamilton Can you email to me the images of the car dashcam? I am working on the contract now for the drone… will let you know. Also, need to rest soon…

[2015/3/4 Wednesday 12:37:19] Benz DENG: USA/UK, 2-3 weeks, no problem.


[2015/3/6 Friday 21:11:10] Eric Hamilton Hi- Ok, I will figure something out to work with the $70, but will need to ensure shipping is at 2 weeks for the most part and that price is fine for the UK as well. Ok?

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:11:29] Benz DENG: 2-3 weeks, by Singapore Tracked Mail

 [2015/3/6 Friday 21:12:31] Eric Hamilton Will it be committed 3 weeks absolute maximum?

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:12:57] Benz DENG: 10-20 days

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:13:19] Benz DENG: but carrier cant give me a aboslute confirmation.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:13:23] Eric Hamilton Ok, but needs to be days, not business days. Otherwise that is 4 weeks.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:13:38] Benz DENG: yes. it incudes weekdays.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:13:56] Eric Hamilton As long as most arrive in 2 weeks and some in 3 weeks that is ok. 3 weeks maximum.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:14:15] Eric Hamilton I’m not trying to be difficult, it is just the rules outlined by LS and Wowcher.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:14:22] Benz DENG: i know.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:14:38] Benz DENG: our only option is Singapore Tracked Mail.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:14:50] Benz DENG: DHL is extremely expensive, though fast

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:15:04] Eric Hamilton Ok.

[2015/3/6 Friday 21:15:10] Benz DENG: ok

[2015/3/10 Tuesday 20:52:02] Eric Hamilton Will you have funds to run the drones/dash cams? They aren’t cheap to order.

[2015/3/10 Tuesday 20:52:31] Benz DENG:  Smart Bluetooth Bracelet

[2015/3/10 Tuesday 20:52:59] Benz DENG: smart bluetooth bracelet

[2015/3/10 Tuesday 20:53:23] Eric Hamilton Yes, I can see how those would be popular. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.

[2015/3/10 Tuesday 21:01:33] Eric Hamilton The only problem is that with LS they will require the amount to be large. So would need to be at least 750. Will that be ok? LS always pays on time and you will receive the money 30 days after you provide the tracking numbers as the deal goes along. So tracking numbers will be available 2 days after the deal starts, and throughout. That means that you will begin getting paid 14 days after the deal begins, and complete getting paid 14 days after the deal ends.




[2015/3/4 Wednesday 23:31:03] Benz DENG: From:  “David Werner”;<>;

Date:  Wed, Mar 4, 2015 10:44 PM

To:  ” Benz DENG”<>;

Subject:  Re: 回复: RE: Regarding dropshipping/wholesale partnership/feature product/run deals with you

Like I said, we haven’t worked with him for a while. We had many problems related to fulfillment and product quality.

I don’t think we’ll choose to work together given those reasons.

David Werner | LivingSocial | General Manager, Shop | 202.503.2798ext 4527 |

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 9:39 AM, Benz DENG <>wrote:


Is he trustworthy?He says he is submitting deals (drone, dash cam, menstrual cup)with you, some of which are sourced from us recently.



—————— Original ——————

From:  “David Werner”;<>;

Date:  Wed, Mar 4, 2015 10:36 PM

To:  ” Benz DENG”<>;

Subject:  Re: 回复: RE: Regarding dropshipping/wholesale partnership/feature product/run deals with you

We have worked with him but not for a while.

David Werner | LivingSocial | General Manager, Shop | 202.503.2798ext 4527 |

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 12:34 AM, Benz DENG <>wrote:


I’d like to ask you to do a favor for me. We are selling with Eric Hamilton (‍)at, who claims that he is selling with you, and we can work with him.

Can you check this?






[2015/3/24 Tuesday 3:16:08] Eric Hamilton I understand. And I am sending you everything you have requested. Please note, I am taking risk because you won’t send me your bosess name, and I have a lot at stake here too. If you don’t ship these drones, I will never work wtih LS again, and that means any supplier I am working with won’t be able to.

[2015/3/24 Tuesday 3:18:19] Eric Hamilton This is all very confidential information. Please keep entirely, 100%, confidential.

[2015/3/24 Tuesday 3:18:53] Eric Hamilton The information is under “Ordering Customer” and has my company address, etc.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:06:53] Benz DENG: hi,

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:07:31] Benz DENG: Can you give me contact info of one of your Chinese suppliers?

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:08:13] Eric Hamilton Hi- why do you need that? It isn’t something I would give to anyone.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:08:43] Benz DENG: Just verify

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:11:11] Eric Hamilton Deng- We have written contracts with LS to run the drone based on our conversations. It is time to start trusting each other and move forward developing business. I’m not prepared to give out all my contacts, especially those that are competitors to you. You’ve literally emailed LS USA to ask about me. You’ve contacted my IT person to ask about me. I have no idea who else you are asking, but I am not giving out my supplier contact information in China.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:14:15] Eric Hamilton If you had any doubt about working with us and supplying products, you should have completed your due diligence before requesting that I pitch your products to sites on our behalf. We need to honour the contract we have agreed to.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:14:48] Benz DENG: sorry, but this is the due diligence

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:16:19] Eric Hamilton No, this is above and beyond. Normally you ask me for references and I provide them. You went and researched them on your own and reached out to them without my knowledge. That is not appropriate in N, America anyway on how to work together. I have no problem providing you references, but they are not going to be your competitors that I have developed relationships with.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:19:26] Eric Hamilton What does that mean? If the deal is real???? I;ve sent you the contract. I even sent you the amount that we are receiving for it. I am starting to get frustrated with this.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:20:52] Eric Hamilton Do you think I’m able to do this without paying my suppliers?

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:21:05] Benz DENG: It’s ok if you can’t provide the Chinese supplier contact.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:21:23] Eric Hamilton Do you think I only want to run the drone with you? I want to run multiple products regularly. There is no way I can do that if you are not satisfied with the first one.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:22:06] Benz DENG: I just thought it’s easier for me to verify with a supplier in China

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:27:50] ***  ***

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:28:32] Eric Hamilton Deng- This is the merchant form I completed to work with nCrowd. It has references and contact information on it. You may contact any of these people.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:30:57] Eric Hamilton I would prefer if you didn’t contact Linda De La Cruz at LS only because she isn’t really suppose to give out references. This is really starting to get frustrating.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:33:40] Benz DENG: No, I will not contact them, but verify this deal approval with Andrews only.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:33:40] Eric Hamilton Ok, I hope it goes well ordering the drones. We need to make sure everything goes right for this. FYI, for this feature there will be no returns at all. It is part of the way LS runs their program with me. I have to pay 4% per drone of the cost to them and they cover all customer service and returns. So whatever is sold, you will be paid for without worrying about returns. The only time is if there is over 15% returns, but this is a quality product so should be completely fine.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:34:10] Eric Hamilton Wait, you want to email Brian Andrews to verify the deal??

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:34:22] Benz DENG: Maybe

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:34:36] Eric Hamilton Please don’t do that. It is unprofessional and makes you and I look like we don’t communicate or work well together.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:34:50] Eric Hamilton I can send you his email to me if you want showing the acceptance.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:35:04] Eric Hamilton How else would I get the contract????

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:35:54] Eric Hamilton It will put questions in Brian’s mind about working with us, if my supplier is emailing him directly to verify what I am telling them. That just isn’t good business.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:36:47] Benz DENG: I can send you his email to me if you want showing the acceptance.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:36:53] Benz DENG: This is ok

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:37:31] Eric Hamilton I just sent you the email from him offering the contract.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:38:49] Benz DENG: If you broke your words and promise to pay, I will contact all of them about the fact, is it ok?

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:40:27] Benz DENG: Not just this deal and all other upcoming deals we will run together?

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:40:49] Benz DENG: Please, I just need reassurance.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:41:11] Benz DENG: No other evil intentions, never!

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:42:21] Eric Hamilton If I break my promise and don’t pay you can contact everyone I know and tell them…. I have no issue with that because it won’t happen. I have just sent you a large portion of the back and forth between me and Brian negotiating the products. There is more as well, but I thought this would help validate it for you.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:43:38] Eric Hamilton I have just sent you another email from Brian showing him scheduling the date.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:44:06] Benz DENG: OK

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:44:42] Eric Hamilton I have never, ever, sent anything like this to a supplier before. It is totally over the top and confidential information.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:44:44] Benz DENG: Thanks, hope you understand what I am worrying.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:45:44] Benz DENG: When we work together, you will know all of your sacrifice will be worthwhile.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:46:01] Benz DENG: Trust me.

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:48:14] Eric Hamilton One thing I would like from you is a picture of the drones inventory in your warehouse and you holding a newspaper with the date on it in the picture too. That will be the best way for me to be assured you have the inventory before the deal is live seeing as you are there and I can not inspect the factory. When do you think you can send that picture?

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:49:08] Benz DENG: We don’t get the full inventory yet

[2015/3/25 Wednesday 9:49:54] Benz DENG: Still order but they will be ready before the deal is on




[8:09:35] Eric Hamilton Deng- I am trying to do business with people, including you. If you want to start telling people I haven’t paid you for money I haven’t received from LS due to poor shipping times, that is your decision. My partners know I pay on time when I am paid. I suggest you consider the damage you would do to your reputation by trying to speak negatively against someone who has always paid when they have been paid and the reason for this lack of payment is due to shipping times. We can speak about how much business we lost; current and future due to your shipping times. If you want this to get nasty, it will not be good for anyone. I’d highly consider what road you choose to take.

[13:10:57] Benz DENG:  If you want to start telling people I haven’t paid you for money I haven’t received from LS due to poor shipping times, that is your decision.

[13:12:17] Benz DENG: as you said, this is not what we can control, we ship upon your demand by POST OFFICES, which is strictly disallowed by LS. from the very begining, you cross the line and risk everything. unfortunately, I trust you can handle it.

[13:13:22] Benz DENG: damage has been made to me and you, but you are not paying, i have no choice but tell veryone. I have intel which can be spreaded and people can judge whose errors.

[13:14:54] Benz DENG: i shall start with all people in Linkedin.

[19:13:02] Eric Hamilton Deng- I have paid you everything we were paid. I have even paid you money including additional profit for items we weren’t paid for. You made a ton of money from us, and we made very little after the shipping issues. You operated off the exact same contracts as LS as we did. If you want to start a smear campaign, it will negatively effect you. You will lose much more business then you will gain. I can explain to the management at LS and other sites how you operate and how you treat your partners this way. It could easily jeoparadize any business relationships you have with them. I don’t want to do this, but if you attack me, I will have no choice. You have made a lot of money through me. I have made very little through you. You are still able to work with LS, but I am not, and it is because of your shipping processes. I was the most affected by this. and am barely surviving now, looking for other work. You are still able to work with LS. I’m sure you don’t want that to change, as well as have other sites think potenital negative things about how you treat your partners and do your business. It is your choice, but currently you have much more to lose than I do. I’d be very careful. You made a lot of money with us, I’d suggest moving on and hoping that someday we can pay to assist resolving by doing business together.

[19:20:32] Benz DENG: ok, let’s begin the attack for justice as you wish. but before that, you said we made a lot of money through you, but pls note, you still owe us 27k usd, that means, we are losing money.

[19:21:25] Benz DENG: i will do what necessary, you can do the same, I am expecting you will not pay.

[19:21:37] Eric Hamilton You’re trying to charge us, and have charged us your price including profit for items that we were never paid for. You know that is wrong.

[19:21:58] Benz DENG: we charge the price we quote, no more

[19:22:06] Benz DENG: the price we agreed

[19:22:26] Eric Hamilton Your choice. If you want to be banned from LS and OpenSky, and other sites, that is the chance you take. It isn’t worth the time and energy when that can be focused on making business.

[19:22:41] Benz DENG: ok, le’ts do it

[19:22:48] Eric Hamilton sure- the price we agreed on the shipping terms we agreed. You didn’;t provide the shipping terms.

[19:23:02] Benz DENG: we did

[19:23:43] Eric Hamilton Deng- I don’t work with anyone anymore that you can say anything to. I don’t work directly with the sites. I only work with trusted partners who I have a long history of positive working experiences with. This is not going to go well for you.


[19:29:26] Eric Hamilton I am not gong to begin anything other than in retaliation to what you start. I have much better things to do with my time. And making negative things to your business really doesn’t do me any good anyway. It’s immature and not viewed highly.

[19:29:59] Benz DENG: ok, i will do my part to defend my interests.

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