About Us

We are Fiery Trade, a professional online shopping website offering high-quality products. We provide buyers a completely secure and fast shipping experience.

We are a team of young but experienced people who’ve worked deeply in areas of cross-border e-commerce, IT, traditional international trade, and customer service before. Our company was formed was officially established in 2018, now is one of the top Chinese players in the line of e-commerce business.

To make sure of high efficiency, we built a team of over 20 enthusiastic employees, hired professional logistics devices, and employed a high-end WMS (warehouse management system) to process up to 20,000 packages a day in our 1500㎡ warehouse.

Our Mission

Fierytrade aims to get rid of the ineffective methods of traditional ecommerce business. With first-hand access direct to Chinese suppliers and the infrastructure of China’s well-developed reliable global delivery system, you can get high-quality and cost-effect trending products easier than before.

Having an international background allows us to deeply understand the main concerns of shoppers and offer excellent and timely solutions to make your buying experience to the next level. We help our clients find best deals, ensure the quality of products and arrange shipment to their doorstep, making the whole shopping process a lot easier and safer.